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Huisje met Spulletjes


Huisje met Spulletjes


A Fusion of Elegance and Warmth. This comprehensive project is a celebration of the vision brought to life by influencer and interior designer Yvonne Kwakkel. The logo, a masterpiece in itself, mirrors Yvonne's essence – a blend of luxury and approachability. The opulent color palette and delicate gold textures harmonize seamlessly with the inviting yet sophisticated type font. Notably, the logo's subtle nod to Yvonne's expertise is the small lamp nestled within the letter 'j', illuminating both her brand and her interior design finesse.

The website, a digital embodiment of the brand, transcends boundaries. It transforms Yvonne's physical store into an immersive online experience. Every element exudes the essence of Huisje met Spulletjes – from the all-encompassing webshop showcasing her curated furniture collection to the space radiating warmth and expertise through interior advice. This project is a true testament to Yvonne's influence, skill, and the seamless synergy between her vision and our design.


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